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The EU has not made reference to the Catalan crisis in its report on the rule of law in the Union and has expressed its confidence in the Spanish constitutional order

Paula Boira Nàcher 30/09/2020

The European Commission (EC) has refused this Wednesday to comment on the absence of references to the crisis in Catalonia in the first report on the Rule of Law in the European Union, published today. The European Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders, has limited himself to reiterating that the situation must be resolved according to the Spanish constitutional order, which Brussels respects.

“The position of the European Commission on the situation (in Catalonia) is known: it is an internal issue in Spain that has to be addressed according to the constitutional order, which the Commission fully respects, including the decisions of the Spanish courts,” he said. Reynders at a press conference.

Internal business

In the past, Brussels has repeatedly stressed that it considers the Catalan conflict to be an “internal matter” that must be resolved with respect for the Spanish Constitution and has made clear its support for the constitutional and legal order in Spain.

The report on the rule of law analyzes the situation in different countries. Regarding Spain, the EC says that the lack of renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), pending since December 2018, is one of the most important “challenges”. The relationship between the Government and the State Attorney General’s Office is also among the issues to be improved in Spain, which also recognizes that the country has taken measures to improve its judicial efficiency. However, the Commission notes that the measures to be taken are generally “delaying”.



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