June 17, 2024

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The journalist Rafael Jorba denounces the silence of "sectors of journalism, of the intelligentsia, of the academia and businessmen"


Rafael Jorba Castellví (Igualada, 1956) has been a correspondent in Paris, deputy director and head of the Catalan edition of La Vanguardia, deputy director of El Periódico de Cataluña, news chief of TVE-Cataluña, regular collaborator of Catalunya Ràdio and TV3 and member of the Catalan Audiovisual Council (CAC).

The journalist, Rafael Jorba, has denounced “the silence of the Catalan elites” and their “complicity” in the increase in pro-independentism in recent years. Jorba, in an interview published this Saturday in the newspaper El Mundo, explains that “sectors of journalism, the intelligentsia, academia and the business world were guilty in their way of leading it to the abyss.”

“There is another decisive responsibility: the silence of the Catalan elites, many out of fear, laziness or, what is worse, complicity. Sectors of journalism, the intelligentsia, academia and the business world were guilty in their own way to lead her to the abyss “lamented the journalist. “As Klemperer said in ‘The language of the Third Reich’, the fear and silence of educated people led to disaster in Germany,” he pointed out.

Rafael Jorba has considered that “the electoral and social outbreak of independence is part of the global rise of populism and the mismanagement of the crisis of the Statute by the Generalitat and by successive Spanish governments.”

“The intellectual and political roots of the process were rooted in Pujolism, although I believe that Pujol would not have made the mistakes of his heirs because he knew that Spain is a consolidated State and that Catalonia does not have enough strength to achieve independence, but it can hurt Spain a lot “he affirmed.

The journalist criticizes the creation of the Acta, a convergent foundation, with an “intellectual affinity” with “Pilar Rahola, Salvador Cardús or Vicenç Villatoro who will have a prominent role in shaping public discourse.”

Jorba considers that one of the mistakes of the PSC in the first tripartite was to give up control of TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio on the Left. “Maragall and Montilla made a serious mistake in the field of what is now called “the story”. The Socialists chose to have control of economic departments with more weight and gave republican ERC culture and communication,” he recalled.

“Because of that Catalan public television TV3 kept intact the worldview of nationalism of the Pujol era and continued to reproduce until today a public television scheme that is more nationalistic than national. During the Catalan process has been even worse, the public media have surpassed all the unimaginable limits of journalistic ethics “has denounced”.



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