June 17, 2024

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Europhobia in the environment of escaped 'ex-president' of Catalan Government compares the 'procés' with the serious crisis in Belarus: his social networks are now dedicated to insult European diplomacy.


Carles Puigdemont’s closest environment insists on its determination to attack European institutions and equate the serious political crisis in Belarus with the procés for independence. One of the most flagrant cases is that of the head of the office of the escaped former president of the Generalitat, Josep Lluís Alay, who from his social networks is now dedicated to insult European diplomacy. And what is worse: comparing the situation of the European country with that of Catalonia.

“Hypocrites. First resolve the conflict in Catalonia and then perhaps you can start giving lessons elsewhere outside the European Union,” Alay snaps as a Europhobic reply to a message from the EU’s Foreign Action Service (EEAS). In it, this European Institution reproduced a statement from its High Representative, Josep Borrell, expressing its support for the Belarusian citizens who have been demonstrating for more than a week to demand “changes” after the umpteenth re-election of Aleksander Lukashenko as president.

“The dictatorship of the official”

In addition to comparing the situation in this country – where two people have already died and another 6,000 have been arrested in anti-government protests – with that of Catalonia, where the pro-independence activists have led the Generalitat for almost a decade, Alay has also attacked in recent days the officials of Catalan Parliament, whom he accuses of establishing a “dictatorship” for complying with the law by not publishing in full some points of the resolutions against the Spanish monarchy contrary to legality and the criteria of the Constitutional Court.



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