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They denounce the "attacks" and pressures they have suffered by not publishing in full some points of the anti-monarchical resolution promoted by the independentist"

Ricard López 11/08/2020

Quim Torra, president of the Generalitat, during a plenary session in the Catalan Parliament / EFE

Lawyers from regional parliaments from the rest of Spain show solidarity with their colleagues in Catalonia after the pressure suffered by the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, and other leaders of the Catalan independence executive against their work to defend compliance with the law.

The Spanish Association of Lawyers of Autonomous Parliaments (AELPA) and the general secretaries and lawyers-in-chief of these territorial chambers have expressed this Tuesday in a statement their support for the work of the Catalan Parliament “in defense of legality and constitutional order.”

The lawyers express in a special way their support to the Secretary General of the Parliament, Xavier Muro, of whom Torra – whom they do not quote at any time – demanded his dismissal for not publishing in full some points of the resolutions against the Spanish monarchy approved in the plenary session last Friday.

“Attacks that violate their autonomy”

The AELPA denounces that Muro “has been the object of unfounded attacks that violate its autonomy and professionalism”, before which they claim “the necessary independence and neutrality of the parliamentary lawyers as guarantors of the proper functioning of the institution and compliance with the resolutions of the jurisdictional bodies and the Constitutional Court (TV).

The Official Gazette of the Parliament (BOPC) did not include in its publication last Monday some points of said resolutions, such as the one that disapproved of Felipe VI or described the Spanish monarchy as “criminal.” Although it did maintain, on the other hand, the declaration, by the Parliament, that “Catalonia is republican and, therefore, does not recognize or want to have a king.”

The text finally published attached a note from the General Secretary of the Catalan Chamber in which he wielded his “duty” to “prevent or paralyze any legal or material action that could lead to non-compliance” with the decisions of the TC. And he explained that, for that reason, he refused to include the controversial points in the BOPC.


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