July 22, 2024

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The law passed the vote with 178 votes in favour and 172 against.

Editorial, 14 March 2024

Plenary session of the Congress of Deputies on Tuesday, 12 December (Congreso de los Diputados)

The law passed the vote with 178 votes in favour and 172 against.

The Congress of Deputies has approved this Thursday the law of amnesty for the accused of the pro-independence process in an extraordinary plenary session that comes after weeks of negotiations between the PSOE, ERC and Junts for the content and scope of the rule. Despite being one of the key milestones of the legislature, the vote was held at a political moment marked by the early elections in Catalonia.

Now that the vote has been passed with the support of the PSOE, Sumar and all the pro-sovereignty parties, the law will go to the Senate, where it will come up against the PP’s absolute majority and, subsequently, the law will return to Congress, where it can be definitively endorsed to come into force, foreseeably in May or early June, when it will be published in the Official State Gazette (BOE).

Specifically, the law obtained 178 votes in favour from the PSOE, Sumar, ERC, Junts, Podemos, PNV, Bildu and BNG, and 172 votes against from the rest of the groups: PP, Vox, UPN and Coalición Canaria. As has happened in previous phases of the amnesty process, the vote on the law had a first part, the opinion, which was voted on using a scoreboard (the traditional electronic system), and then a second vote was taken by call in which each MP said their position out loud.

Once the law has been published in the BOE, implementation will be in the hands of the judges and the law will have to overcome other hurdles in the form of appeals and preliminary rulings.



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