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It is a "mistake" to want to incorporate only pro-independence parties at the dialogue table with the central government.

Editorial, 21 November 2023

The PSC spokeswoman in Parliament, Alícia Romero, during a press conference at the party’s headquarters (ACN)

Romero says that the influence of the PSC is “very evident” regardless of the number of ministers

The PSC-Units spokeswoman in the Catalan Parliament, Alícia Romero, has replied to the President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, that it is a “mistake” to want to incorporate only pro-independence parties at the dialogue table with the central government. In an interview on TV3, Romero asked a rhetorical question: “What about the rest of the voices? In this way, the socialist leader responded to Aragonès, who in an interview on TV3 on Monday invited Junts and the CUP to take part in the dialogue between the central and regional governments.

Romero defended the fact that the government of the Generalitat belongs to everyone and represents all Catalans. And, in this sense, he reproached Aragonès for constantly presenting himself as the representative of the people of Catalonia, but, on the other hand, not acting as such. “It is a mistake to want to set up a round table of governments and to want to incorporate only part of the people of Catalonia”, insisted Romero, recalling that the PSC won the last elections to the Catalan Parliament. The spokeswoman for the Catalan Socialists said that they are unhappy that Aragonès “constantly confuses the (Catalan) government with the parties”.

Asked about the fact that in the negotiations for Sánchez’s investiture, three different dialogue roundtables have been agreed, Alícia Romero responded that “if three roundtables are needed, then three roundtables”. And she noted that the division of the pro-independence movement means that they cannot sit at the same table. The Socialist spokeswoman in the Catalan parliament did not want to discuss whether the new Minister of Industry, Jordi Hereu, should form part of the dialogue table. “If he is asked to be at the table, he will be. But it is up to the president. We are at his disposal”, he limited himself to saying.

Regarding the will of President Aragonès to agree on a singular financing for Catalonia, Romero said that they do not agree very much. According to the spokeswoman for the Catalan Socialists, the President of the Generalitat should lead a new system of regional funding, but do so with the other autonomous communities. She also reminded him that he only represents 33 members of Parliament and that he will have to seek alliances.

On the other hand, asked about the fact that the PSC has only one minister in Pedro Sánchez’s new government, Romero defended that it is “very clear” the influence that the PSC has, regardless of the number of ministers in the Spanish government.

Romero sees it as “good news” that the former mayor Jordi Hereu will be the Minister of Industry and has defined him as a “person who is very dear to the PSC and to the city of Barcelona”. He also valued the fact that he will be in charge of an important portfolio for Catalonia, which is one of the most industrial regions.

“President Sánchez has agreed that he will be the only Catalan from the PSC, and we have nothing to say. The importance of the PSC is clear and we have clearly won the elections in Catalonia. Illa’s relationship with Sánchez is evident. Our influence is there, whether we have one, two or three ministers”, summarised Romero. He also pointed out that, apart from the ministers, there are also other bodies and what is known as ‘sottogoverno’. In this respect, she expressed her conviction that there will be representatives of the PSC.



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