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It is impossible to recover what never existed: political unity in the pro-independence movement.

Joaquín Luna, 15 December 2022

Image : David Airob

Although I do not believe in the Three Wise Men, I would like a Catalonia that recovers a sense of reality and puts an end to the tic of repeating clichés that the facts disprove: there was never, ever political unity – the streets are another matter -, which explains such a disastrous and improvised movement, worthy of study in the classrooms of political science halfway around the world.

For the good of all, the sooner we speak clearly, the sooner this anomaly will end, in which five – three parties and two private entities – fight all the time – to the detriment of public management – while repeating that “when we have been united…”.

United? Politically, few independence movements in history have been more nonsensical, even more than the Palestinian one. Mas initiated it with an electoral advance in December 2012, invoking the need for an exceptional majority, an impeccable request in formal terms (division weakens). The electorate turned its back on him and, far from resigning, everything accelerated. The CUP entered the scene, a new actor – the CNI could not have created a better creature for its interests – that ousted Mas with hugs. In between lessons in democracy, the next two presidents of the Generalitat are the result of a Mexican hand-pick (Carles Puigdemont and Joaquim Torra).

It is impossible to recover what never existed: political unity in the pro-independence movement.

The only pro-independence party in the auca [‘vignette’] is ERC, which, as usual, the Convergencia people try to ignore. And in the crucial episode of the series, they put maximum pressure on Puigdemont to do the opposite of what they had agreed hours before. And he gives in (that’s what happens when you make a decision).

This is not the end of unity. The president who completed the scandal – pressing the nuclear button of the declaration of independence without anyone recognising you, even less than South Ossetia – leaves Catalonia for the weekend, without notifying anyone…

Not even the organisational success of 1-O or the “repression” of 155 – there is no revolution without revolutionaries – altered the disunity. The mantras are exhausting: there was only unity in half of the Catalans. And never have bourgeois masses taken a palace, not even a summer palace.



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