June 17, 2024

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The Minister of the Presidency has insisted that "the referendum is contrary to the Constitution".

The Minister of the Presidency has insisted that “the referendum is contrary to the Constitution”.

The Spanish government has shown itself to be inflexible in the face of Esquerra Republicana’s proposal to hold a referendum on independence. “I am the one who rules out the unilateral route,” stressed the Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, when asked about a referendum that would not have the backing of Madrid. “We are precisely in a situation of overcoming confrontation in order to ensure that coexistence is guaranteed in Catalonia”, he added.

The Minister of the Presidency made these statements in an interview on TVE in which he insisted that “the referendum is contrary to the Constitution” and that in no case is it a solution to resolve the political conflict between Catalonia and Spain.

Yesterday, ERC presented its proposal for a referendum as an opening move for the second phase of the dialogue table. The Republicans consider that the reform of the Penal Code rebalances the scales somewhat and that they can now negotiate with the state on equal terms. “Until now, we had prioritised the anti-repression issue basically to put ourselves in a position of equality or greater equality to be able to negotiate,” said ERC spokesperson Marta Vilalta in an interview on TV3. Now the Republicans want Spain to move and “define the conditions for the referendum”.

Bolaños also recalled that Moncloa and the Generalitat agreed “that the Government would make policy within democratic procedures and institutions”. “It seems obvious, but in 2017 this did not happen”, he said. He also said that a consultation to decide the political future of the Catalans “would only create confrontation”.



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