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More Spaniards are against or indifferent to the initiative than in favour, according to a survey by 'El Periódico'.

Editorial, 30 November 2022

Image: The president of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez.

More Spaniards are against or indifferent to the initiative than in favour, according to a survey by ‘El Periódico’.

The reform of the crime of sedition, a political bet of Pedro Sánchez’s government that concretises the agreements of the dialogue table with the Catalan government of ERC, generates division of opinion in Catalonia and much more rejection or indifference than support in Spain as a whole, according to a GESOP poll published by El Periódico.

In Catalonia, supporters and opponents of the sedition reform are practically equal, 39.5% to 39%, with an advantage of 0.5 points for the former. Those who say they do not know, do not answer or express indifference account for 21.6%.

This poll, based on 1,001 interviews carried out between 21 and 24 November, also shows that support for the measure among Spanish citizens is low, at 20.1%, compared with 48.2% opposed and 31.7% undecided.

Another of the other salient features of the GESOP poll is the division of the electorates of the two partners in the Spanish government. Among PSOE voters, 33.6 per cent reject the repeal of sedition, 26.5 per cent agree and 40 per cent are undecided. As for UnidasPodemos voters, undecided voters also predominate, with 42.6%, but the reform of this crime has many more supporters (38.4%) than detractors (19.1%).

Moreover, unlike the ERC electorate, 72.8% of whom are in favour of the measure, 52.8% of Junts voters are aligned with the party’s official position, which is against it, but 42.4% of its voters are in favour of the reform of the penal code.



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