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The dialogue table between the two administrations does not enter into negotiations on the reform of the crime of sedition

Editorial, 2 July 2022

The dialogue table between the two administrations does not enter into negotiations on the reform of the crime of sedition

On leaving the meeting of the dialogue table between the government of the State and the Generalitat of Catalonia, the Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, explained that despite very different political positions, an agreement has been reached on the need to de-judicialise politics and that to do so, the need to improve the regulatory framework has been seen, an improvement that will have to be made through dialogue and agreements. Bolaños stressed that, in order to de-judicialise politics, it is necessary to renounce actions that take politics out of the democratic game. The minister defended the fact that it is essential for political and institutional activity to take place within the current democratic order.

Félix Bolaños also announced that at the meeting held at the Moncloa, which lasted an hour and 45 minutes, the representatives of the two administrations agreed on the need to protect and promote Catalan. In this regard, Bolaños announced that the central government will ask the European Parliament to allow the co-official languages in Spain to be used officially in the European Parliament. In this regard, the minister explained that this request will affect Catalan, but also Basque and Galician, as a guarantee that there is no favourable treatment between different autonomous territories.

Still in the linguistic sphere, Minister Bolaños stated that at the meeting, which was not attended by JxCat members of the Catalan government, the central government has defended the right of citizens to be attended to officially in the co-official language of their choice. It also said that it will work to ensure that students can receive education in the language they request, and that it must guarantee that Catalan students finish basic education with the same knowledge of Catalan as of Spanish. Bolaños defended the recognition of Spain’s linguistic diversity as one of the country’s riches.

On the other hand, the Minister of the Presidency said that in Wednesday’s meeting, the debate on the modification of the crime of sedition demanded by the Catalan government did not materialise. In this regard, Bolaños stated that the parliamentary conditions do not currently exist to tackle this reform, as the necessary majorities to carry it out cannot be established. The minister affirmed, however, that the central government wants to end up bringing Spanish legislation into line with that of the majority of European Union countries.


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