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Catalans stop watching separatist dominated public TV3. The acting president of the CCMA, Núria Llorach, did not disclose that 42.7% of the interviewed consider that the news of TV3 are little or not impartial

Rosa Molins – 30/01/2020

39.4% of Catalans see “less” or “much less” TV3 than in previous years. This information is included in the report prepared by the company Analysis and Research SA on the positioning of the Catalan pubic television TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio brands commissioned by the Catalan Audiovisual Media Corporation (CCMA).

The report shows that only 21.9% of Catalans watch TV3 more now than “in the past.” The rest watch the channel as before. This study was presented a few days ago by the acting director of the CCMA, Núria Llorach, as a demonstration of the “trust” that citizens place on TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio, but hid the most critical data with public broadcasters that depend on the Generalitat.

This data also includes the removal of citizens from these media because they consider them sectarian. The editors of the report make it very clear in their conclusions: “The perception of the interviewees is that they watch TV3 less than before, in a context of media fragmentation.” They also conclude that “the constant topic of debate in the majority of social gatherings (current political situation) has generated some wear and tear of spectators towards other chains in the investigation of impartiality (The Sixth) or entertainment”.

Many young people do not find what they are interested in TV3, as it turns out from the surveys and field work carried out by Analysis and Research SA “The youngest target has grown up with Super3 (for young TV3 viewers) but when they make the jump to TV3 they will not find programs with which they identify, a fact that does not allow them to create a clear link with the chain. While it is true that series like Merlí supposed them an approach to TV3, currently only Polonia or APM come into their interests. ”

Another fact that the acting president of the CCMA, Núria Llorach, did not disclose, is that 42.7% of the respondents consider that the news of TV3 are little or not impartial.


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