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The motto of the next Diada calls the parties to the union to make independence effective. But, one month after the event, discrepancies are visible within independentists

J. Corbacho

07/31/2019 12:14 – Updated: 07/31/2019 1:31 PM

Every September 11 -day of celebration of the Diada, national day of Catalonia, Catalan independence movement exhibits muscle taking its defenders to the street, although the next celebration of Catalonia Diada faces certain tensions within the sovereignty parties.

The Catalan National Assembly (ANC), the civil organization that organized the demonstration, has decided that the march of the next 9/11 “La Diada”, which will cover the main roads of the center of Barcelona under the slogan “Objective independence”, will not grant a relevant role to the political formations, to which it asks, with even more desire in this edition, “to agree on a common goal: independence”, above “own ideologies”.

The former ERC regional minister Josep Huguet announced that he will not go “to a demonstration in which one part is dedicated to whistling the other, also independentist”

But the union between the parties does not seem to go through its best moment. Josep Huguet, former regional minister of ERC at the time of Maragall and Montilla, has assured through his profile on the social network Twitter that he will not attend this day the concentration of the Diada, although he has been doing so since the 70s.

“I will not go to a demonstration that for the first time a group of exalted people wants to turn into a purifying aquarium against the traitors,” he wrote, in addition to denouncing an “anti-party music and especially anti-ERC.” To his complaint, the politician added a call to “remake the unit.”

To the list of unsubscribed is added the former regional minister Anna Simó, also a member of Esquerra, accused of disobedience by the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia and secretary of the Parliament Mesa  until October 2017, when the government of Mariano Rajoy applied article 155 of the Spanish Constitution.

“After 30 years, days ago I have made the same decision,” said the former leader in response to the message of his party partner on the social network.

By decision of the Catalan National Assembly (ANC), politicians will not lead the march, in what seems a symptom of the unease of the ANC in the absence of cooperation between the ‘ERC’ and Junts per Catalunya parties to proclaim the ‘Catalan Republic’.

In an open letter published last week, Elisenda Paluzie, president of the association, criticized the inefficiency of the parties in “the management after the referendum” and the little progress to “make independence effective.”

In statements to the RAC-1 radio station, Huguet assured that the loss of visibility of the formations during the march was not the reason for their decision, but the fact of “going to a demonstration in which a party is dedicated to whistle at the another, also independentist “, something that” is not pleasant “. “The issue – he tweeted – is not the VIP zone; it is the confrontational climate.”

The sovereign forces also showed their division during the last investiture session of Pedro Sánchez. Rufián and his group advocated the abstention in the second vote while the ‘neo-convergents’ stood firm in the “no” to the appointment.

ERC and JxCat came divided to the investiture of Sánchez. Rufián and his people abstained in the second round; the neoconvergents voted ‘no’

From ERC, they explain to El Confidencial that “they do not enter to judge the controversy” and assure that “there is no slogan” to attend the Diada or not; “On an individual level everyone can do what they want.”

While other members of the republican formation ERC, such as the regional minister of Agriculture Teresa Jordà, who, interviewed on Wednesday at RAC1, said that “after a lifetime attending, she has not considered at all not going “to the demonstration, which, despite its motto in favor of the unity of the independence forces, has also contributed to make the ‘indepentist’ disunity even more visible.


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