November 13, 2019

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Catalonia and the risks of unconscious fascism – Perversion of language, manipulation of ideas, concepts or analytical categories of politics and social and legal sciences, such as democracy, human rights, sovereignty, popular will, the right to free determination

It seems quite suspicious that this deactivation of an alternative social movement questioning the power structures in Catalonia coincided with the...

What is OpenKat debate platform?

OpenKat is a debate platform working with collaborators from Catalonia, the rest of Spain and all of Europe wh o share similar values. The aim is to include opinions covering the entire political spectrum as long as they are respectful of the existing laws of Spain and the European Union, including those views which express the need to change existing laws through established mechanisms.

Know our values

OpenKat debate platform seeks to find solutions to the challenges posed by the continued pressure of the Catalan separatists, which deeply affect Catalan society and Spain´s in general. OpenKat also seeks to facilitate finding responses to the threats raised by the unilateralist behavior of the separatists, vis-à-vis democratic institutions in Catalonia, in Spain at large and in Europe in general.

Pluralist communication and debate platform


Finding solutions with alternative constructive responses

OpenKat does not have a position on the mentioned matter and only seeks to serve as a communication and debate platform for alternative constructive responses, seeking the required consensus within the framework provided by our constitution.